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  • Mou on 2014-Mar-15 12:28:05 Mou said

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  • Khalfallah on 2014-Mar-16 08:47:19 Khalfallah said

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  • Bob on 2014-Mar-17 05:44:49 Bob said

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  • Maria on 2014-Mar-17 19:20:16 Maria said

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    Moreover, the opposition movement itself is far from monolithic, and there have been increasing outbursts of infighting between al-Qaida affiliated extremists and moderate rebel groups, as well as between Kurds and rebels of a radical Islamic bent. That violence holds the potential to escalate into a full-blown war among armed opposition factions.
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    It was the first time Holmes had run hard in public since suffering the injury last September. Earlier in the week, Holmes maintained that, “right now, I can’t run,” but he looked to move easily at three-quarters speed during the routes and separate sprints.
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