Cumulus Pileus

Cumulus met kapje (door snelle luchtstijging bereikt vochtige lucht het dauwpunt)
Juli 2009


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  • Okta on 2014-Mar-15 21:20:19 Okta said

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  • Mohd on 2014-Mar-17 00:13:32 Mohd said

    Finally checked out the Spice House tohngit the veg. samosas, served with tamarind sauce and mint chutney, were very good nice flaky crust, not greasy at all (and both sauces were wonderful), chicken chettinadu v. flavorful if not particularly remarkable the people at the next booth, however, ordered the Hyderabadi biryani and were raving about it. They are in the process of expanding the restaurant into the space previously occupied by the grocery, so apparently business is good. (Altho' they need to do something about reducing the draft from the front door even way in the back I felt it every time the door opened on this cold night.) [url=]lbushu[/url] [link=]diusdtjyn[/link]
  • Josias on 2014-Mar-17 08:58:32 Josias said

    Lashish the Greek on Bethel is fantastic. I'd skip the gyro and more<a href=""> tarditional</a> Greek menu items, although those are excellent as well, and try the seafood (the best calamari I've ever had, and I love the snapper as well) and the soups. Many of the desserts are housemade as well. My husband used to work in the neighborhood and I constantly bugged him to bring me stuff home. The best part is that the owner and his staff will make you feel like a rock star, especially if you stop in often. It's like a neighborhood diner feel with a more interesting menu.
  • Imran on 2014-Mar-17 20:37:30 Imran said

    Please try Moy's on high street acsros from the new OSU union and next to Buckeye Doughnuts. It has been there for decades and is top notch. Although it is sooo VIP it does not have a sign. Again it is in the Buckeye Doughnuts building. The establishment is run by an adorable Asian couple that remembers all of their customers and deliver top notch service.(614) 297-77221994 N High StColumbus, OH 43201BEST ASIAN IN THE CITY! HANDS DOWN. The menu is in english and chinese. So authentic. AMAZING!!!!! [url=]eemfipgfaa[/url] [link=]gvfxojfi[/link]
  • zblfiwonqgu on 2014-Sep-11 11:33:00 zblfiwonqgu said

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